Our CPG/FMCG and pharma clients say that our Purvey field sales order management software with its mobile and web interfaces gains easy adoption from the sales team

Our decade-old focus on building efficient distribution management systems have helped us to identify critical opportunity areas. We have imbibed all those learnings in our new age systems that we offer.

Centralized Mobile Sales Order management

Purvey OMS comes to you with a mobile app for your field team. This allows complete mobility and real-time order transmission to managers for approvals. This instant hand-off facility helps in drastically cut down order processing time.easily manage all sales orders received across multiple field sales team members from a centralized view.

Product Catalogue for Sales Teams

  • Your sales team can view all useful details such as product name, pricing and tax information. Valuable information such as batch numbers and best before or expiry dates are also visible along with actual product availability.

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Intelligent Customer Contact Management

  • Your field sales team can create new customer contacts with main & additional contact information. Purvey’s intelligence layer will automatically validate if the customer already exists in the system, and in the absence, allows addition.

Order Processing

  • Help your sales team to book orders efficiently. With wild card search for accessing the required product from your large portfolio, it saves a lot of stress and time. Comprehensive product information at each batch level along with real-time visibility of the stock helps in effectively adopting the “first-in-first-out” model. This helps them to commit deliveries that can be honored and gain credibility for you.

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Customer Order History

  • Your Managers can easily view customer buying history at the time of approving booked orders and take decisions on discounts and offers. Gaining visibility of existing orders and status provides your manager immense capabilities to sustain and grow relations with the customer.

Real-Time Order Status

  • Real-time update on order status helps your sales team to keep customers. Updated delivery status visibility helps building trust on your brands.

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Credit Management

  • Your sales managers can get details of customers who have crossed their credit limit. Your field team can view customer credit limit, payment history, and collection notes.Supports the Placement of sales orders on credit hold based system criteria, Invoice due and Payment instrument details.

    Flexibility to either keep orders from customers who have exceeded their credit limits or you can opt for blocking such customers from being shown in the order booking form.

Quote to order

  • Purvey Order Management software enables quick approval of sales quotes and their conversion to sales orders in just a click. So you may convert quotes to orders in just a click.

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Sales return acceptance

  • Your sales team can direct sales returned products towards reusable stock and totally rejected stock with clear description of the reason for product returned. This can help on reduction of loss due to product wastage in sales return.

Pricing Management

  • Purvey provides the flexibility to price each product based on your customer types such as a retailer, wholesaler & also promotional price.

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Secondary Sales

  • Your field team can also report information on Secondary Sales. The secondary sales reports also provide you an insight on the stock levels at outlets.

Save your order processing time and costs with online ordering using purvey order management which will enable your customers and sales reps to order 24*7 directly through the cloud-based mobile and web application

Is your order management efficient enough?

Total control of your sales order cycle


With Purvey Order Management software, workflows are fully configurable to your way of processing orders.


Purvey can be easily integrated to your enterprise solution. Purvey APIs are competent in integrating into any 3rd party environment. Sales orders can be automatically integrated into your back-end ERP system to ensure timely order fulfilment.


Sales Order Reports

Purvey offers a large number of reports and analytics that helps you put your organization in the continuous growth track. Generate and export order reports based on total, pending and closed sales orders. Filter orders according to days, employees, items and customer wise.