Help your picker to do smart work and at the same time increase your speed of order fulfillment


Bring order fulfilment efficiency & optimize cost


Fulfill your orders swiftly

Incoming orders are processed by the AI-powered pick list generation and made available for picking. The system simultaneously executes both wave and wave-less processes in synchronization. This helps reduce turnaround time significantly. Thus orders can be picked, packed, and shipped within hours of receipt. Same day Next-day orders can go out of the door on time and in the hands of the consumers on promised delivery dates

Accelerate your warehouse Productivity.

The dynamic “Push” system eliminates slack time as one wave completes and the next is released. Your warehouse pickers receive a steady stream of work and are not waiting around for the next wave to dropping. The pick cart to order bin transfer method brings in the necessary checks to avoid wrong product errors and maintains delivery accuracy

Minimized sales returns

Scan code-based “pick cart to order bin” transfer guidance systems helps reduce wrong product shipping drastically and improve the profitability of operations.

Improve Picking accuracy

Assisted picking & Binning - As products in orders are assigned by zones within your warehouse, pickers activities are well streamlined. The Picked products are transferred to order tagged bins and this helps avoid wrong picks. This process improves pick density, reduces travel and increases productivity.