Order Picking Accounts For 60% Of Operational Cost In A Distribution Center. APORA Can Help You Bring Down The Cost By 50%

"APORA" : AI-Powered Warehouse Pick Management System

APORA - Order picking system uses a unique installing method to establish a hybrid picking method of wave & wave less pick lists that would significantly reduce workaround time the normal picking process

Will optimizing your picking process lead to dramatic cost savings?

Our experience with distributors & wholesalers is that hybrid picking saves more time than cluster picking.

Enable your pickers at the warehouse to work smart and efficiently. Using the pick management system which can provide a pick list that delivers product location-based alignment will help smart work

One Of A Kind Warehouse Picking Automation That Is Intelligent & Ensures Customer Delight

Business transforming to Omni channel sales can get immensely benefited by implement APORA. System creates pick list combining both B2B & B2C orders dynamically to ensure quick turnaround and optimum utilization of pickers in warehouse. APORA also ensures automatic fair distribution of pick tasks among pickers in the warehouse. So APORA builds high efficiency in the picking process which the most essential and costly process when it comes to warehouse operations.

Bring order fulfilment efficiency & optimize cost


Fulfill your orders swiftly

Incoming orders are processed by the AI-powered pick list generation and made available for picking. The system simultaneously executes both wave and wave-less processes in synchronization. This helps reduce turnaround time significantly. Thus orders can be picked, packed, and shipped within hours of receipt. Same day Next-day orders can go out of the door on time and in the hands of the consumers on promised delivery dates

Accelerate your warehouse Productivity.

The dynamic “Push” system eliminates slack time as one wave completes and the next is released. Your warehouse pickers receive a steady stream of work and are not waiting around for the next wave to dropping. The pick cart to order bin transfer method brings in the necessary checks to avoid wrong product errors and maintains delivery accuracy

Minimized sales returns

Scan code-based “pick cart to order bin” transfer guidance systems helps reduce wrong product shipping drastically and improve the profitability of operations.

Improve Picking accuracy

Assisted picking & Binning - As products in orders are assigned by zones within your warehouse, pickers activities are well streamlined. The Picked products are transferred to order tagged bins and this helps avoid wrong picks. This process improves pick density, reduces travel and increases productivity.
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